Kevin Patterson (pattersonphoto) wrote,
Kevin Patterson

reading this at Firehouse Friday with Julian Forrest playing guitar background

Of the 10 lost tribes of Israel, the Tribe of Issachar never felt lost. This is not surprising if one considers their history before the Assyrians exiled the 10 the tribes. Before the Tribe of Issachar had settled down and become the scholars of Israel, they had been a part of the Sea Peoples.


The Sea peoples were the remnants of many of the Mediterranean’s forgotten peoples. These survivors had joined together mostly out of desperation, and like other confederacies of history their desperation led to war. History remembers the Sea peoples primarily for all the trouble they gave Ramsee III and the Egyptians.

Among the Sea Peoples there were individuals who joined to escape the intellectual deficiency that falls upon dead civilizations. These thinkers liked the idea of joining wanderers from other lost centers of knowledge.

Sharing a common morality, these thinkers stayed together and eventually settled down and become the Tribe of Issachar. Collectively they remembered their first insights had come from travel. They knew in their bones that different cultures discover different understandings. By the time the ambitious Assyrians drove the 10 tribes from their lands, the Tribe had already started becoming aware that their knowledge had once again stalled. So they did not mine leaving their home.


As time went on they grew quicker and quicker at blending in and absorbing the knowledge of other cultures. They had lived in the Americas, the islands of the pacific, and throughout Asia centuries before Marco Polo. This allowed them to accumulate great wealth, but they did not need it nor spend it because wealth just forces one to stop moving. So they had piles of gold stored in random bank accounts and volcano craters all around the planet.

Once the Tribe had explored all they could on their own earth, they began to look beyond. Some of the tribe explored through space, some explored through time, and some explored through possibilities. In their travels through time and space they found multiple versions of themselves. They took turns teaching each other what they had learned on their own versions of earth. After seeing every possibility of the universe they finally discovered the celestial watchers. The celestial watchers took the tribe in and told them “We know all of your bank account numbers, you sacred combination, and in which volcanoes you stashed your gold and now they are ours.”
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