Kevin Patterson (pattersonphoto) wrote,
Kevin Patterson

Wonderful skit comedy opportunity, writers needed

Michael 23 of Firehouse, Miami AZ, and Thought Crime fame is organizing a show. He is also graduating with either a Masters or Doctorate in organizational performance art, I forget which. His thesis is Friday Night Live! A show on first friday from Sept to March built around the lessons of the first season of SNL. First show is scheduled for Sept. Season will be six shows.

We are organizing the writers first and want to know who is interested. Second Friday In May (May 14) is the organizational meeting for folks who want to write for the show. Come and listen to Michael's theories and vision of the show and help us figure out how to do this.

Our hope is to have two weeks later (May 28) enough good content to make a quick chap book. This will be distributed for our performers to read and decide what they want to try out for. The meeting is at the Firehouse, in beautiful downtown Phoenix. Probably around 7ish.

The Firehouse is 1 halfblock north of 1st street and Roosevelt in, again, beautiful downtown Phoenix.
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